Speech & Language Services

Speech and Language Services

What should I do if i feel that my child's academic performance is impacted by speech and language concerns?


Itasca School District #10 currently provides speech and language services to students at Benson, Franzen, and Peacock. Students receiving these services have a variety of needs from working on correct speech sound production, improving expressive/receptive language, and/or social language/pragmatic language skills. Additional areas include voice, fluency, and using augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) devices for communication for daily interaction with peers. Individualized Education Plans (IEPs) are developed for all students receiving speech and language services. Speech-Language Pathologists are part of each school’s special education team.

What happens if you think your student is in need of speech and language services?  

Parent or teacher referral outlining the concern.

If needed, a short one-on-one informal screening or observation with parental consent.

3) If needed, a formal evaluation to determine if deficits exist in the areas of concern with informed parental consent.

4) An IEP meeting summarizing the results of the evaluation and outlining eligibility for services.

5) Services delivered throughout the year during the child’s school day as determined at the IEP meeting.