Physical Education

PEHi! My name is Karen Engel.  I am so excited to be teaching Physical Education at both Benson and Franzen! I have been teaching in Itasca District 10 for 26 years. I taught 7 years prior to coming to District 10.  I completed my bachelor’s degree in physical education from Eastern Illinois University with a minor in health. Outside of school, I enjoy playing beach volleyball, coaching volleyball, hiking, and mountain biking. I have 2 adult children; one a biomedical engineer and the other a student at Grand Canyon University. My goal is to provide students with the skills that will enable them to live a physically active and healthy lifestyle. I strive to develop motor and social skills to every child in an environment that encourages exploration in a safe space. I am so excited to be your child’s teacher and to help them grow academically and personally this school year!

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imesHi! My name is Chris Imes.  I am very passionate about teaching Physical Education/Computers! I have been teaching in Itasca District 10 since 2016. I completed my bachelor’s degree in education from the University of Maine. I received my elementary Physical Education endorsement at Elmhurst College. Outside of school, I spend a lot of time coaching youth hockey and spending time with my family.  It is my goal to introduce many different activities and sports to students that they can participate in for many years as an adult. I want students to come to class excited to participate, enjoy the daily activities. I do look forward to coming to teach every day!

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Curriculum Night information

Mission Statement
The Physical Education curriculum is designed to educate the whole child through physical movement.

Grading Procedures
M-Mastery of concepts taught
P-Progression of concepts taught
N-Needs Improvement of concepts taught

Grades 1-2
3-More than acceptable rate
2-Acceptable rate
1-Less than acceptable rate
No Mark- Acceptable
-Needs Improvement

Physical Education grades are given the 2nd and 4th grading periods.
Doctors Excuses – Students need a Doctors excuse to be excused from PE class.

Physical Education Overview


The interest in Soccer in the United States is growing. Opportunities for learning the game and competing are being made available to children of elementary school age in leagues and clubs not connected with schools.

Some of the skills we cover at school are: inside of foot kick, trapping, dribbling, passing, ball control and simple rules of the game. The students participate in lead-up soccer games.

Basketball Lead‑up skills

This will be an instructional program for all students. The fundamentals will be stressed with emphasis on developmental and lead‑up games. Some skills we cover at school are bounce pass, chest pass, catching the ball, dribbling, shooting, and simple rules of the game.

Ball Skills

The K‑2 level at this time are working on throwing and catching skills using various sizes and kinds of balls.


The objective of physical fitness is to provide students with opportunities to learn fitness concepts while participating in enjoyable activities that enhance fitness levels.

Cooperative Activities

Students will do a variety of activities that stresses teamwork and cooperation.

Jump Rope

Students work with long and short ropes and how to twirl. Students will participate in the Jump Rope for Heart.


Parachute helps in the development of upper body strength as well as improving team work.


Students are exposed to scarf juggling, hula hoop activities, scooters, Frisbees, and scoops.